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Ottawa Valley Christmas Lights rated one of the top outdoor lighting installers in Ottawa!

Stars at Night


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Trees/ Bushes

Christmas Wreaths

Options between 30", 48", and 60" wreaths, all beautifully decorated and covered in warm white mini lights.

C9 Led Bulbs

Commercial Quality C9 LEDs along your roofline or any other desired location.



Cheer up your neighborhood this holiday season with Ottawa Valley Christmas Lights! 


We install commercial-grade C9 LED Christmas lights, as well as a selection of charming patio lights. These lights have five times the LED capacity of store-bought lights and are much more aesthetically pleasing, as they are on a flat wire and thus easier to conform in the same direction, giving a clean and uniform look. They are also more resistant to water and corrosion, given the rubber seal on the plugs. We can easily custom fit our lights to fit the length of the installation required, allowing you to choose any pattern or colour of bulbs that you desire. The UV protection on the bulbs helps to keep them brighter, for longer. 


We are a full-service Christmas installation lights business and will install, maintain, and take down your lights. The bulbs are easily replaceable so if a light goes out, we will easily fix it for you within 24 hours, as well as provide any other maintenance work. As we will rent the lights to you, there is no need to worry about storage - we will take care of that, too! 


We will work diligently to come up with a design that fits your needs, whether you are a home or business owner.


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Night Sky



For any inquiries, questions or recommendations, please call: 613 - 295 - 5323, email, or fill out the following form

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